Studio Associato Quattrocchio carries out, among other things, the following activities:


Advice and assistance in corporate matters

  • Establishment of companies
  • Drafts of financial performance report
  • Extraordinary operations: transfers, transformations, mergers and demergers


Advice and assistance on insolvency

  • Recovery plans ex art. 67 l.f.
  • Recovering agreements ex art. 182-bis l.f
  • Arrangements with creditors liquidators and business continuity
  • Bankruptcy


Advice and assistance to the businesses

  • Company evaluations
  • Impairment Test
  • Business Plan


Advice and assistance in tax matters

  • Tax returns
  • Tax litigation


Advice and assistance in banking and financial matters

  • Compound interest and usury
  • Derivatives contracts


Valuation reports

  • Contributions
  • Contributions
  • Mergers
  • Demergers


Technical consulting office

  • Liability actions
  • Banking litigation
  • Financial litigation


Technical advace in civil and criminal proceedings

  • Liability actions
  • Banking litigation
  • Financial litigation


Expertise in criminal law

  • False corporate information
  • Simple and deliberate fraudulent bankruptcy
  • Usury


Judicial appointments in the field of bankruptcy

  • Consultant in the field of bankruptcy
  • Judicial commissioner
  • Judicial liquidator
  • The crisis manager


Forensic preventive measures against mafia-assets

  • Consulting in the field of investigation assets
  • Management of arrested assets